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Make Your Mark: Strategize on launching or rebranding your business or blog. Do you have a business, blog, or brand that you’d like to take to the next level of profitability or are you bursting at the seams to launch your new product or service offering but you’re not sure the best way to introduce it to the market? Don’t waste another sleepless night or unnecessary money being called to do more only to be unclear on a clear path to take. Brand building and strategizing is my career love + I absolutely, positively,  LOVE  sharing my capabilities, expertise, and proven brand- building strategies to get socially conscious brands moving in a profitable and sustainable direction. I  get a kick out of thinking my two degrees in communications and years of diligent work in the business can be applied to help you realize your potential. If you’re serious about launching that new business , introducing your new service or product line, or is in need for full-fledged branding, marketing, or sales expertise- I’m here! I’ve got your back. I’m a ball of creative concepts, best practice strategies, and sales conversion tactics waiting to be your accountability partner.

The primary reason to brand is to transform a complicated message of value into simple and clear communications to set a strong foundation for your marketing + sales success. The 60-Minute Brand Strategy Session will give you a clear overview of the reasons branding matters and how it can change the trajectory of your success, a strategic analysis of your brand or future brand, and next steps to follow that will guide you through rebranding, building, or launching a business and brand that will far exceed the time, money, and efforts you invest. Your wait is over. Let’s chat and get this show on the road. You’ll wrap your session with a strategic plan to reach your goals, tactical action items to implement, and a business accountability partner. Once our session is over we may cover everything you need on your brand building and marketing journey, or if we choose to work together farther, I’ll customize a branding program specific to your individual needs.


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