Build Your Personal Brand To Leverage Your Capabilities.

Oprah, Beyoncé and Ellen are super personal brands among an elite group of celebrities readily identified by their first names. Their first names resonate a specific set of capabilities, character and a reputation with the majority of people who hear them; the ultimate goal and achievement of personal branding.

For certain people, there are positive associations and feelings towards the personal brands; while for others, it may be quite the contrast. No one controls how they’re perceived; it ultimately comes down to a balance between what a personal brand says, does and engages with other and how those actions translate with others. It’s an interesting dynamic in which you can build your personal brand by directing how you behave, but ultimately how your character and reputation resonates with others becomes your personal brand. So just how should you direct your audience, clients, potential clients, family, friends, and associates to connect with and perceive you?

Incorporating these three personal branding tactics will help you build your personal brand with people who matter most to you.

  • Clarity- become crystal clear on who you are, what’s important to you and the goals you have for your life? Have clarity about the gifts, talents, and strengths you want to contribute both to your work and to the world at large.
  • Content- create, share and communicate content that shares with your audience who you are, what’s important to you and the goals you have for your life.  Know how you’d most like to be perceived and understand the most important character traits and behaviors that support that perception
  • Consistency- be consistent leading with your strongest character traits and day-by-day + do what you say you will do one task at a time. Empower yourself to say no to choices that do not represent the personal brand that best represents you. Aim to under promise and over deliver on the things you do commit to and manage your time by placing your to-do-list in order of priority.

As you build your personal brand, keep in mind,  you control 100% of the things you choose to say, do and commit to or not. Those are the choices that contribute to how you build your personal brand.

Most of us are okay that people only know us by our first and last name. As you build your personal brand be patient with yourself, allow yourself to explore and evolve but stay authentic. Remain true to the best person you are trying to be for yourself first, and then the people you’re committed to serving.

What tried and true tips have you found that have helped you to build your personal brand?


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