Don’t get exhausted figuring out how to find a new job.

We’ve all been there. Those times in life when we know it’s time to move on or do more. Don’t let the thought of how to approach your strategy to find a new job discourage you.  Once you decide you want something more or different, until you find a new job or client,  approach the process like its a full-time job. Start by revamping your resume to match your skill-set and capabilities to the demands the position or opportunity you seek. Welcome each opportunity prepared with your best brand forward and excited about the possibility at hand.

Identify at least three job hunting resources to provide your leads. Consider reaching out to a recruiter in the industry you’re interesting in and work with them in addition to your own efforts through employment  sites like Indeed .  Every morning check your preferred sites for new listings and apply. Be as thorough in your online cover letter as possible. Detail specifics of why the opportunity matches your skill set, goals, and personality. Once you apply, make your best effort to reach out to the human resources director or hiring manager and let them know you’ve applied and how interested you are in the opportunity.  Every few days be diligent in your follow-up until you land the interview or is told no.  Consider rotating your means of follow-up between calls and emails.

Once you’re called for your interview, research everything can find about the organization and the position. Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and join any online chat groups or communities you can find.  Style yourself with your best business attire forward when you head to interview and make a great first impression.  Show up early, be polish, and be prepared to ask about the organization or position. Once your interview is over, immediately write an engaging thank you note. Express your gratitude for their time and providing insight into the opportunity. Then reiterate why you’re a great fit, and thell them how excited you are to hear back from them to learn next steps in the hiring process. In your down time, practice answering questions you may come up, be prepared to articulate specific incidences where you’ve found success in your career, an present your positive- excited self.

Timing and preparation are important components in identifying the most effective method to find a new job.

On average, in missing one day of job searching you have allowed on average, 50 to 100 people to post their resume or apply to the position ahead of you. Most companies will within a few days of posting a position pull the resumes they’ve received to review. After reviewing initial ones,  if by chance it’s necessary, they will return to their stack to pull additional ones. Companies use effective processes to quickly select a resume and scan it to see if the candidate’s experience matches their need.

Time matters to employers and they aim to fill positions as quickly as possible. In order to land the new opportunity you want  believe it, speak it, and act on it daily!

Consider the following  tips to increase your opportunity to find a new job:

1. Place priority on applying for a positions that best fit your background/experience and don’t apply for job multiple jobs within the same organization that aren’t similar positions. It screams desperation.

2. Make sure that you list an objective and it reflects the utilization of skill necessary for the opportunity you’re applying for.

3. Include bullets on your resume, making it easy to read and as detail as possible.

4. Have the bullets reflect the experience posted in the job description for the position you are applying for that matching your experience.

5. Follow up with a cold call to express your interest in the position. I’ll set your personal brand apart from others and allows the employer one more positive thing to remember you by. Make that your phone call the best call you have ever made reflecting professionalism and excitement!

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