We’re well into January and our new goals for 2018 are settled in and we’re making progress towards reaching them. With everything going on around us and with us personally, we all feel like we want to do more and make a bigger impact in our communities. With that, I’ve been talking a lot with women about identifying their calling and figuring out how to align it with the work they’re doing.

‘Your Calling’ is a big concept, but an important step in defining your most authentic personal brand. But, what better time than early in 2018 to identify your calling and aligning your brand or new year’s goals with that calling.  Let’s be clear, your calling today may change as your goals and experiences in life changes- and that’s growth. With that, in relating your calling to personal branding, think of the things that you do really well that you love doing that can make a positive impact on serving and helping others.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee or talent, you should define the unique value you- and only can bring to your clients, organization or audience the way you do. It’s no secret when you LOVE doing something, and you do it really well + it’ll never feel like work.

Identifying your calling is helpful in both staying focused on doing work that supports values important to you and critical to personal branding for these reasons.

First, it allows you to develop specialties that make you different.  Everybody is good at something and taking your career from ok, to good through amazing- begins with doing what you love to do and doing enough of it to become amazing at it.  Look at personal branding as our accountability partner towards fulfilling your goals, it’s a platform that allows you to magnify ‘your calling’ and educating the world on who we are, what you’re dope at – and how you can serve those you’ve committed to serving.

Early in my career, I was very cautious not to self-promote, then as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that success comes easier when people know what we do and what our personal brand represents.

In today’s global economy, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing humble, successful, talented women winning in business because they’ve positioned their personal brand as a valuable commodity that’s an asset to others; while, steering them towards their own personal goals and dreams.


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