Understanding How- To Market To Women

When You Market To Women Aim For Emotional Connectivity

Women do business with people they relate to. Nothing new right, but you may reasonably be wondering what this has to do with personal branding? Tons-believe it or not. When you market to women, remember women will choose to do business with you for the same emotional reasons that you choose to drive a certain car, rock a certain brand stiletto, or live in a particular neighborhood. We rationalize our decision by alluding to expertise, perspective, education and sometimes location, as the reasons we choose to become someone’s customer, client or patient. Yet, what gets us talking to them or through their door is how we feel about them. Emotions turn us from prospect to lead and over time, client or not.


As You Market To Women Make Them Feel At Ease.

In both traditional and digital commerce, understanding that women do business with people that make them feel comfortable leverages your ability to relate and get customers from other women.  Who understands women better than other woman? My educated guess is no one. Therefore, in authentically embracing our feminine nature we increase our chances of gaining more female clients. As women it’s just not ok, it’s recommend to allow each other to see parts of our vulnerable, compassionate and less that perfect side. I know, I know that’s not easy for most alpha females but it’s essential for our long-term success and how well our clients or potential clients relate to us. A woman doesn’t have to have dinner with you or consider herself a friend to hire you as her physician, consultant or realtor. What the majority of women deem important in their buying decision is the desire to be heard and valued. Women seek an emotional connection that comes through a feeling of resonance. We can build that resonance by engaging a potential client or audience enough to garner a degree of value and trust. Our female counterparts, in one survey reported by Ogilvy & Mather, suggests that 91% of women feel marketers do not understand them. In being familiar with numerous surveys and research on marketing to women consumers, like the Ogilvy & Mather findings, women embrace emotion.  We’re emotional creatures who seek emotional connection. No matter what services you offer when doing business with other women, it’s okay- actually preferred for them to emotionally connect with you. We see this play out in so many different aspects of our lives, one being that of a mother. Most mothers can have an engaging conversation with just about any other mother regarding her experiences with motherhood.

In the same research provided by the advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, here are some interesting findings on women and Internet usage:

  • 22%  Shop online at least once a day
  •  92%  Pass along information about deals or finds to others
  •  171   Average number of contacts in their e-mail or mobile lists
  • 76%  Want to be part of a special or select panel
  • 58%  Would toss a TV if they had to get rid of one digital device
  • 11% would ditch their laptops
  • 51%  Are mothers

When you market to women remain mindful, the purpose of your personal brand is to convey your distinct brand promise in a manner that communicates in sync with the values and needs of the people you want as clients.  Tailor your personal brand to communicate qualities you have that appeal to other women. Considering women account for up to 85% of all consumer purchases from automotive to healthcare, do your part to make other women feel understood and comfortable doing business with you. This will strengthen your personal brand and increases your profitability. What are some ways you’re leveraging your brand digitally to connect more potential female clients?





Courtney R. Rhodes is the author of Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through “On-Purpose” Living. She is a brand building and marketing strategist, with a passion for working with socially conscious brands. She is the founder of UrbanityCommunications.com and TheBrandistaGuide.com. Courtney enjoys speaking about entrepreneurship, personal branding, personal style, marketing, women's empowerment, and professional development. She prides herself on being an eager student of the arts, humanities and the pursuit of happiness.Courtney is a graduate of Morgan State University ('98) and The University of Baltimore M.A. ('03).

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