Embrace Personal Brand Attributes That Can Set You Apart From Your Competition.


As entrepreneurs, bloggers, and authors we can take notes from Corporate branding to help us figure out unique ways to speak to our clients and audiences. In corporate branding, products are giving persona which helps the brand to be relatable to the ideal customer its seeking to attract. Personas help consumers associate the brand’s  product or service with distinct characteristics that resonate with their target market. Likewise, as an influencer, you’re charged with understanding your personal brand attributes in order to use to your advantage.  There are specific advantages to having certain character traits and those advantages make up apart of the emotional value other people will consider when deciding to work with you or not. Aim to identify brand personal attributes that will best support you in emotionally connecting with your ideal target. As you consistently demonstrate distinct character traits your target will recognize what separates you from other bloggers, consultants, or entrepreneurs providing the same or similar services.

Be clear in expressing your personal brand attributes.

The more you embrace your personal brand attributes, the more your ideal clientele will expect those character traits from you. If you’re a tax accountant targeting women business owners in the health industry, you may happen to have an assertive, competitive, and tactical personality. Those represent your personal brand attribute and you should embrace them as a means to separate yourself.  Become clear and confident around those distinct character traits your personal brand emits.  They’re driving others to understand you and resonate with you.  In looking to identifying your  leading personal brand attributes consider the things people close to you say about you.

Use these 3 tips to help you identify your own personal brand attributes:

  • Develop a list of four to six things colleagues, clients, and your business associates would say about you. What adjectives would they use to best describe you?
  • Make another list of two to three things that you absolutely love doing.  What character traits are being used?
  • What brand attributes do you value and admire in your favorite public figure or celebrity? Are they charismatic, funny, intelligent, opinionated, or confident?

From your lists, circle the two to three personal brand attributes you most identify with. From there, reflect on  your business, expertise, and professional goals. Which two brand attributes would be most effective in leveraging your personal brand’s personality to your market? While your attributes may change as you evolve, your personal brand attributes should always personify what makes you unique. Moving forward embrace, nurture, and allow those attributes to  message your brand story both in-person and online to the people you serve.



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