Align Your Personal Style With Your Personal Brand

It’s  simple, your personal style plays a supporting role in the value your personal brand establishes to the people it serves. In our digital era,  your personal style and overall brand identify is being shaped by the online images and digital content on the Internet. While I’m always advocating for authenticity in personal branding and the ways you present yourself to the world, make sure  your personal style and self expression are working to support the personal brand you’ve worked so hard to build. At its core, the  discipline of personal branding revolves around shaping the perceptions you want others to perceive about you. And, your visual appearance is one of the few tangible elements crafting those perceptions.

For a moment, imagine yourself stepping outside yourself- and observe you. See yourself walking into your favorite coffee shop for a mid-morning latte break and running into the CEO of the company whose business you’ve dreaming of earning. How are dressed and put together? Does your appearance reflect that of a consultant or vendor the CEO would be intrigue to learn more about working with?And wait, don’t think for a second your style is just about the clothes you wear. It’s not, its about how well they fit, how you accessorize, the pep in your step, and the energy you exude. Now, still observing yourself from a place of imagination- how approachable are you? How do you make others feel? Are you confidently smiling or giving a funky-don’t speak to me vibe? Are you making eye contact or looking away, or worst towards the ground?

Lets switch gears, imagine yourself walking into a crowded room alone. Do you begin conversing with random people or do you sit solo and stay to yourself? Do you feel comfortable communicating to other people regarding what you love doing and is at? Think about your engagement on social media, what are the things you’re sharing in your social communities? Do people perceive you as happy, sad, smart, funny, critical, self-absorbed? Just a few questions to ask yourself about how your personal style and persona are shaping your personal brand.

Don’t fall into the trap of investing in building a strong personal brand to diminish your efforts with a personal style that lacks attention.

I get it, as an entrepreneur or influencer with everything you’re responsible to balance your personal style may not be your biggest priority. Still, aligning your personal style with your personal brand shouldn’t be difficult. Identify a few key looks and staple pieces each season that best expresses your persona. Go through your closet, look in fashion magazine, browse style blogs and find looks you love. Stand in front of a full length mirror and try on many different looks. Swap out shoes and accessories. Nail down those key looks and pieces that make you feel the most confident- and just that simple, embrace that personal style. Your personal style may continue to evolve over time, but so will your brand.  Play around with different cuts, colors, and fabrics but most importantly- have fun exploring your style.

The things you do and say, the activities you engage in, the causes you support, and the way you present yourself work together in building and growing the impact of your personal brand. If you’ve decided to brand yourself, and share your gifts and brilliance with the world, go all out, make your mark! Don’t take shortcuts or make excuse, this is your legacy and what you build will be a direct reflection of the commitment you make to your own efforts. #MakeYourMark


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