Don’t believe the hype, learning how-to create your personal brand foundation isn’t hard nor expensive.

Even if  you have decided to invest in building or to  create your personal brand in 2017, putting in your personal time (not money) allows  you to make a big splash:  commit yourself to connecting, communicating, and engaging with your ideal target or market more authentically. As you create your personal brand through the overall capabilities and experiences you offer your clients, prospects, audience, and the world at large you should work to illustrate why working or doing business be valuable to them. The key word being value, your reason to create a personal brand is to establish the value you offer in the marketplace that sets you apart from everyone else offering the same service. Personal branding at its best is identifiable synergy through all your communication (touch) points. Consider how many times you engage your market or potential market daily and on a weekly basis…now consider how you can strategically capture your authentic voice and provide your market with value in each of those communication points.

Consider these 10 no- to low-cost ideas to create your personal brand communication experiences for your customers or potential customers:

  1. Use your signature color and brand design theme wherever possible – stationary, labels, pens, gifts, stationary, electronic press kit, labels etc.
  2. Highlight your brand message on the back of your business card. Incorporate something interesting or of value to drive people back to your website.
  3. Set up a Facebook business page and share industry trends, tips and lifestyle ideas.
  4. Write a monthly newsletter or provide weekly tips that give valuable information that your clients and potential clients would deem useful.
  5. Design a ‘signature talk’ by choosing a specific topic that your are an expert of and provide enough information for a 45-minute engaging presentation. Leave fifteen minutes for Q&A and have questions prepared to ask your audience to get the questions rolling. Place information about your ‘signature talk/s’ on your website, blog and in your newsletter.
  6. Write articles relating to your area of expertise and post them to article submission sites online.
  7. Reach out to your clients and prospective clients with cards on a quarterly basis- holidays, birthday, anniversary etc.
  8. Reward clients and associates who send you referrals. Send them a personalized thank you note with a small token of your appreciation.
  9. Become active in a networking, philanthropic or cultural group and attend the monthly events and network with new contacts.
  10. Comment and share your expertise on social media articles and posts that are relevant to your industry.

What other tips have you used, are implementing for 2017, or that recommend to build a rock solid personal brand?

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