5 Career Tips For Recent College Graduates

Career Tips For Recent College Graduates.

These career tips for recent college graduates can be helpful to the eager,  young professionals as they prepare to enter a competitive job market.  I know being excited to get started on your career journey and balancing the uncertainties can present a ball of mixed emotions. New grads should approach exploring the job market as if its a full-time job. Approaching these career tips for recents college graduates as a job in itself can help them filter through the complexities the cluttered job market.


Consider implementing the below 5 career  tips for recent college graduates, they’re simple but effective:

1. Be Clear About Your Goals

Focus your efforts on the jobs and companies best suited for you and your career goals. Research everything there is to know about the positions and companies you are interested in. This showcases your level of passion and commitment to your job search. Identify the set of skills, experiences and personality characteristics you possess that bring value to these positions.

Only apply for positions that match your career goals and level of experience. Applying to multiple positions in different departments suggests you are uncertain about your career goals.

2.  Identify Your Target Markets

You are most likely not tied to a specific city. Consider other cities, regions or even countries to begin your career. There are great international opportunities with Fortune 500 companies that offer the ability to transfer to a US office after a designated time.

Identify the largest employers in your field and apply for the positions that align with your career goals; and identify companies outside your industry hiring for the position you are seeking. Research as much information as possible about the company and it’s leadership team.

Build a track-able list comprised of each of the positions you’ve applied for. Include the name of the company; the human resource and hiring manager’s name and contact information; and the company’s website, LinkedIn profile and twitter account. Stay abreast of relevant insight or news affecting the company. Provide a brief weekly follow up with both contacts until you are called in for an interview, or receive notification that you are no longer a candidate for the job.

3.  Develop Impactful Marketing Materials

Highlight your academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, past internships, jobs or leadership qualities that differentiate you from the competition.

Your marketing materials should include a strong resume, a completed LinkedIn profile and your elevator pitch. Your elevator pitch is a 30-second infomercial to a potential employer, industry leader or influencer. Imagine the conversation you would have in the elevator with the CEO of an organization you’ve dreamt of securing a position with. If you are not applying for a position as a weather girl, don’t discuss the weather.

4.  Maximize Your Social Network Platforms

Make your social media an extension of your job application. Completely fill out your profiles, include relevant work and volunteer history, past internships and career interests. Join alumni groups and industry associations on LinkedIn; and participate in group discussions. Several times a week, engage your social platforms by sharing articles, blog posts, industry insight and content that is relevant in your desired career path.

You don’t have to establish a profile on every platform, but do branch out to maximize your exposure.

5.  Network Off And Online

Networking remains the most effective job search strategy. Due to the prevalence and ease of use of online career sites, publishing and social networking, it’s easy to think that using these channels exclusively is the way to go.

If you network only online, you’ll alienate your local circle of impact. Attending in-person networking, industry organizations and speaking events can connect you face- to -face with influencers. The most successful job securing strategies incorporate both online and in-person networking.




Courtney R. Rhodes is the author of Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through “On-Purpose” Living. She is a brand building and marketing strategist, with a passion for working with socially conscious brands. She is the founder of UrbanityCommunications.com and TheBrandistaGuide.com. Courtney enjoys speaking about entrepreneurship, personal branding, personal style, marketing, women's empowerment, and professional development. She prides herself on being an eager student of the arts, humanities and the pursuit of happiness.Courtney is a graduate of Morgan State University ('98) and The University of Baltimore M.A. ('03).

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