Build Your Personal Brand Now

In this age of social media, there’s never been a more critical time to understand the power of personal branding. While brand building is a multifaceted disciple, entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors and aspiring ones can incorporate these simple brand -building tips to garner influence and visibility for their brands. The more trust and value your personal brand establishes with the audience you’re committed to serving, the more valuable your brand will become to them.

Use the following tips and begin building value for your personal brand:

  • Own your name.  An important first step in personal branding is to secure your name or brand affiliation on the web and across the digital platforms in which you intend to engage your audience.  Own your name on the web and through the social media channels you feel best resonates with the audience you’re working to establish influence with. It doesn’t matter if you’re branding your name, or an alias, reserve the name. Even if you don’t have plans to use or build out the platforms just yet, don’t risk losing out on them.
  • Define clarity between your personal and your corporate brand, and use your personal branding channels to provide valuable content to your audience, market, or ideal client. For instance, if you’re currently employed by a banking institution and have the plans to one day start your own wealth management coaching business now is the time to begin establishing your personal brand.  In personal branding you’re your personal brand’s CEO. You’re charged with communicating the value your brand offers in the marketplace, the things you’re interested in and what makes you different from others offering what you do. When deciding what communication messages to share to build value and competency with your audience, consider the rules and standards for your industry.  If you don’t have the time to create original content at first, share articles, blog posts and tweets on topics of interest that would be valuable to your audience. There is an abundance of content online that already exists on social communities, blogs, and industry websites. Feel free to recycle it, if you find it valuable chances are your audience will too.  Keep in mind, the goal of content sharing is to build trust and value while showing your market what makes you unique and different from others offering similar services.
  • Maximize your personal branding impact by networking both in-person and online. Become the go-to expert in your field and a particular niche by doing stellar work over and over again and sharing the details of those projects through your online channels. In between sharing your won brand story fill in the gap by sharing other industry relevant content that educates, entertains or inspires your audience.  Being amazing in your career is the beginning of great personal branding; still you’re still charged with educating your audience on information about experiences, people, issues, and causes relevant to you and important to them.  Participate in speaking engagements, networking opportunities, partnerships, and social events that get you in front of the people you’re aiming to work with, get referrals from, or establish credibility with.  Connect with as many people who may be interested in your capabilities and share your brand experiences often.


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