It’s the season of change, new beginnings- and your next career move?

Are you in the market for your next career move?  If yes, here are 10 personal branding tips to remember during the interview process. There are several ways to approach landing your next career move and these  personal branding tips below will take you one step closer.

1.      Do your  homework on the company, the position, and the corporate culture of the office you’re targeting. Get a clear understanding of the capabilities and experiences required for the  position. Prepare yourself  to connect the dots between the requirements,  your expertise, and similar past successes you’ve accomplished relative to the responsibilities.

2.       Wear a dark blue or black suit. Keep it safe and simple by avoiding under dressing. Wearing a suit sets you apart from someone that does not come in with a suit on- best personal brand forward.  ALWAYS dress for the position of the person above the position you are applying for.  In professional environments,  it’s always acceptable to over dress, while it’s never acceptable to under dress.

3.       Keep your jewelry simple and business appropriate (nothing that dangles or make noises) to avoid distractions.  Stay away from clothing or jewelry that are too shiny or sparkly, they too can cause distractions.

4.       NEVER smoke before the interview, eat spicy/smelly foods or wear too much perfume. Assume the area you will be interviewed in has poor ventilation, it could be small and closed in.

5.       Show up at least 15 minutes early and check-in at least 10 minutes prior to show time. Showing up too early could be an inconvenience,  be time sensitive. Interviewers schedule a specific time because that’s the time that they are available to meet with you. Showing up too early  could appear as if  you didn’t follow instructions or leave the interviewer feeling pressured regarding your long wait.

6.       Greet the interviewer with a firm hand shake, strong eye contact and a smile when introducing yourself.  Not doing so could appear as if you are not confident or welcoming.

7.       Turn off your cell phone and keep it in your pocket or purse while waiting in the lobby. Never have an interviewer come out to greet you and be distracted.

8.       Be  extremely familiar with your resume and career accomplishments,  be prepared to speak about your prior positions and achievements in a positively interesting  manner. Walk through each position and answer questions to share your authentic professional brand story. During the interview, feel and exude confidence, you’ve earned it by landing the interview. Relax and take as many deep breaths as you need in order to not appear nervous. Pay attention and read the interviewer, work to engage them and build a connection. This is your opportunity to express your character, make it clear to them what makes you different. Communicate and highlight the benefits you bring to the position in addition to your experience: your emotional value.   Be honest and  about your past positions and experiences, remain positive and reiterate the valuable lessons you’ve learned.   You never want someone to consider you for employment only to uncover dishonesty after the follow up research.

10.   At the end of your interview ask relevant questions about the company and  the position, thank them for their time and follow up with thoughtful and engaging thank you card within two days.

What tried and true career move or interviewing tips have your personal brand mastered?

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